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Business Event on Boat

Meeting of the Corporate World on the Sea

The New Address of Corporate Events

Organizing a company event on a boat in the fascinating waters of the Bosphorus is a new trend in the business world. Rotaneta offers unforgettable corporate events and organizations on its luxury yachts specially designed for companies.

Special Events in the Sparkling Waters of the Bosphorus

The company event on the boat offers an experience that increases motivation and strengthens team spirit, accompanied by the unique view of the Bosphorus. The yachts in our portfolio host all kinds of events, from business meetings to gala dinners, from training seminars to celebrations.

Highlight Your Brand with Customized Events

Every company has its own unique story and culture. Company events to be held onboard the Bosphorus can be customized to reflect this originality. Themed events that reflect your company's values and vision strengthen brand awareness and ensure bonding among your employees.

Motivation and Team Spirit in the Sparkling Waters of the Bosphorus

A company event onboard creates an environment that motivates your employees and strengthens team spirit. Events to be held accompanied by the unique view of the Bosphorus can range from business meetings to training seminars, company dinners and award ceremonies.

An Innovative and Dynamic Environment

The yachts in our portfolio are equipped with state-of-the-art entertainment systems, comfortable seating areas and modern meeting equipment. While this innovative and dynamic environment makes your business meetings and presentations more effective, it is also ideal for an elegant gala dinner or a casual networking event.

Personalized Organizations

Rotaneta offers concepts suitable for your company event on the boat, which is specially prepared according to the needs and goals of each company. Corporate organization on a private yacht allows you to create unique and effective events that reflect your company's brand identity.

Professional Planning for Unforgettable Moments

Rotaneta's professional team supports you at every stage, from event planning to implementation. Your corporate event on the Bosphorus offers a festive atmosphere celebrating your company's success and team spirit.

Organizing a company event on a boat on the Bosphorus with Rotaneta creates the perfect experience to impress both your employees and business partners. To plan a unique corporate event with us, contact our call center line at 0850 308 78 68 and take your company's prestige to the top on the sea.


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