Yacht Charter Selection

Yacht Charter Selection

You are going to choose a yacht for charter and are you very confused? Choosing the right yacht has more than one trick. These;

- Determine the number of people to attend,
- Determine/select the route, Determine the number of days,
- Number of Crew/Personnel,
- Catering services,
- Evaluating early booking opportunities are the items that will make your job easier. You can find more detailed explanations of these in our next article.

Subtleties of Rental Yacht Selection

Do not believe in sites prepared with flashy, unrealistic photographs and do not send a deposit beforehand. If you have the opportunity, go and see the yacht and the staff on which you will make a marriage proposal, blue cruise or holiday or ask for a photo.

Do not forget to ask for the number of staff.

For your safety, you can choose boats manufactured in 2015 and above.

It is recommended to choose white yachts made of new generation fiber material, which is not wood.

Make sure that the section where you will stay with your captain is separate. Yachts where you are side by side with the captain and your every conversation is heard do not provide a comfortable environment for you and those around you. As a solution to this, you can choose 2-deck yachts.

Establish contact from a place where you can contact a verified and real boat owner, not an unsafe and personal one.

Yacht Categories You Can Choose

- Classic Yachts

- Luxury Yachts

- Super Luxury Yachts

- Super Luxury Yachts with Sailing

You can find the yacht you are looking for in the easiest way on the Rotaneta platform, where only approved boat owners are 100% verified!

Rotaneta's expert team will help you choose among the opportunities that fit your budget by determining your needs. You can contact us through the free customer support line at 0 (850) 308 78 68 for any questions you may have about yacht charter.

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08 June 2023


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