Yacht Charter Guide

Yacht Charter Guide

Renting a boat is the best way to explore the ocean. Exploring different parts of the sea with your yacht can be very exciting. You can discover what kind of boat you want and how much time you want to spend on it, according to the features we will talk about below. The following article will help you understand how to charter a boat and give some tips on how to make your trip more enjoyable:

Correct yacht size

Space is limited on yachts, so it can be difficult for larger groups to find a boat that fits their needs. If you're taking children, it's important to know if there are enough beds for all of them, as having room for everyone will ensure comfort throughout your trip.

- If you are only going to cruise with a few friends, it may not make sense to buy a 60-seat yacht. As the number of guests increases, so does the likelihood of problems with space and noise on board.
- The right size for your destination(s) is important. If you want to visit several islands during a trip, it can be nice to stop by more than one port.

Do you want a motoryacht or a sailboat?

There are two types of boats: motor and sailboat. Motorboats are more economical, but require a lot of maintenance and can be quite noisy. Sailboats are more expensive, but they are also quieter and less polluting. If you want to spend time on the water with your loved one without disturbing the peace and quiet of others, you should consider chartering a sailboat instead.

Also, there are many other reasons why choosing a sailboat is better than a motorized one:

- More quietness (no motor means no noise)
- You can enjoy nature in its natural state while accessing modern technology (no need for internet or mobile phone coverage)
- They can comfortably accommodate up to a large number of people

Do they have the necessary documents?

Before you get too excited about chartering a yacht, make sure you have all the necessary documents. These include:

- Boat license
- Insurance certificate
- Captain's license

Equipment you will use

When planning your next vacation, it can be tempting to book a hotel or cabin. However, there is another option: charter a yacht. A yacht can provide you with all the amenities of staying in a luxury hotel, but less cost and more flexibility than booking a suite. Here are some tips for choosing the right equipment for your trip!

- Sun terrace
- Swimming pool
- Jacuzzi
- And more…

With/Without Captain

Whether you need a captain depends on your experience. If you have a captain's license and you have an agreement with the owner of the boat, you can rent with or without a captain.

To summarize, you should consider the following 5 steps when choosing a boat
- Choose the right size yacht
- Decide if you want a motorboat or a sailboat
- Check if you have the required documents
- Find out how many people can travel with you
- Select the required equipment (snorkel gear, fishing rod)

The next step will be to book your trip and enjoy!

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03 May 2023


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