Bosphorus Swimming Tour

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Bosphorus Swimming Tour

Unique Discovery in the Cool Waters of the Sea

Cool Getaway in the Blues of the Bosphorus

Rotaneta offers you the peace of cool waters and the unique view of the Bosphorus with swimming tours in the Bosphorus. Swimming tours in the Bosphorus are a unique experience where you can swim freely in the coolness of the sea, away from the crowds of the city.

Hidden Bays and Historical Landscapes

During our swimming tour, discover the hidden bays of the Bosphorus and watch the historical mansions from the water. In every stroke, you will have an experience intertwined with the historical and natural beauties of Istanbul.

Swimming Tours Organization on a Private Yacht

As Rotaneta, we ensure that you have a relaxing and entertaining day with Bosphorus swimming tours specially prepared for you.

Enjoy Freedom on Yacht

The yachts in our portfolio have every luxury to relax you before and after your swimming break. The perfect place to sunbathe, chat or just listen to the sound of the sea.

Where to Take Swimming Tours in the Bosphorus?

Our swimming tours take place in the most beautiful spots of the Bosphorus. You can swim in the clean and clear waters of the Bosphorus at popular swimming spots such as the Islands, Beykoz region, Poyrazköy region.

Safe and Fun

Our professional team has considered every detail to keep your safety and comfort at the highest level during swimming tours. We offer a safe and enjoyable experience by determining the most suitable spots for swimming.

A swimming tour in the Bosphorus is a perfect opportunity to enjoy nature and the sea, away from the crowds of the city. Dive into the cool waters and discover the beauties of the Bosphorus. For a unique swimming tour experience, you can contact us on our call center line at 0850 308 78 68.


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