Marriage Proposal on Yacht

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Marriage Proposal on Yacht

Bring Your Love to the Sea!

For those who want to make a dream marriage proposal, a marriage proposal on a yacht is a dream option. To give your loved one an unforgettable moment in the middle of the sea, on the fascinating Bosphorus of Istanbul... Discover the luxurious and special services offered by Rotaneta.

Romantic Atmosphere of the Bosphorus

The Bosphorus is one of the most romantic and fascinating places on earth. A marriage proposal on a yacht, accompanied by this unique view, makes one of the most important moments of your life even more unforgettable. Dream of making your loved one say “Yes” under the golden lights of the sunset.

Distinguished Yachts and Special Services

Our wide yacht fleet offers options to suit every taste and budget. A special dinner, the opportunity to dance to live music and a romantic walk in the fascinating view of the Bosphorus await you on our luxurious and comfortable yachts.

Personalized Details

Rotaneta offers various options to personalize this special moment. Whether it is a traditional atmosphere or a modern touch, we make your dream marriage proposal come true. We immortalize your memories with services such as yacht decorations, special menus, professional photography and video shooting.

An Unforgettable Night

A marriage proposal on a yacht means not just a moment, but also an unforgettable night. You will spend a special time with your loved one under the stars, accompanied by the peaceful sound of the sea. We immortalize this moment with our professional photographers and video team.

Planning and Organization

As the Rotaneta team, we consider every detail when planning your marriage proposal. We listen to our customers' needs and expectations and work to ensure that everything is perfect. We are here to make your dream offer come true at the most beautiful points of the Bosphorus.

Witness of Special Moments

A marriage proposal on a yacht is a moment witnessed not only by two people, but also by the Bosphorus. By combining this special day with the unique view of the Bosphorus and the comfort of our luxury yacht, we turn it into a memory you will remember throughout your life.

A marriage proposal is one of the most special moments in your life, and a proposal made on a yacht makes this moment even more magical. We are here to celebrate your love and turn this special moment into an unforgettable story, accompanied by the fascinating view of the Bosphorus. This unique experience will have a special place in both your heart and memories. To make the proposal of your dreams come true, choose the one that suits you best and enjoy this unique moment.


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