Yacht Rental in Istanbul at Winter

Yacht Rental in Istanbul at Winter

Yacht Rental in Istanbul in Winter: Unforgettable Moments in the Fascinating Beauty of the Bosphorus🔔

Istanbul offers a different beauty in every season, even in winter... As Rotaneta, we offer comfortable and luxurious yacht rental services even on the cold days of winter for those who want to experience the unique view of the Bosphorus. Watching the snow-covered shores and historical silhouette of the Bosphorus on a warm yacht is a truly unique experience.

Closed and Heated Boats🔥

As Rotaneta, we offer covered and heated boat options to make your boat rental experience comfortable and enjoyable in winter. Our boats, which are covered with a tarpaulin and have special heaters inside, provide you with a warm and comfortable environment even in cold weather conditions. You can get more information and make a reservation about covered and heated boats on our rental yachts in Istanbul.📍

Exploring the Bosphorus in Winter❄️

The Bosphorus tour in winter is a unique opportunity to see the snow-covered shores and historical buildings... You can discover the winter beauties of Istanbul by taking a pleasant stroll in the calm waters of the Bosphorus with Rotaneta. In addition, less crowds during the winter months, personalized service, discounted prices and a peaceful trip on the calm waters of the Bosphorus are just some of the advantages offered by renting a boat in winter...

Boat rental for special occasions and events such as New Year's party, marriage proposals, business dinners, etc. is a perfect opportunity for you to accumulate unforgettable memories... Rotaneta's wide boat and yacht portfolio offers suitable options for all kinds of events and celebrations.🎉

How about having an unforgettable experience on the Bosphorus in winter with Rotaneta? You can easily make a reservation for the most suitable date and time for the boat you want on our Istanbul Boat Rental page. You can also get reservations and information from our call center at 0850 308 78 68.💙🤍

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21 October 2023


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